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Chris is left eye dominate shooting right handed with Eliminator Pro Sight.


Eliminator pro sight Chris shoots my bow left eye dominate ,right handed amazing!


A day shooting the eliminator pro sight Dustin with peep sight problem.


Eliminator Pro vs Hind Sight bow sight


A bullseye from 150 YARDS - using the Eliminator Pro Bow Sight


100 Yard Archery Target Shot with Eliminator Pro Sight with Limbsaver Bow and PSE Arrow

How to use the Eliminator Pro Sight

Eliminator Pro Bow Sight

Product Review: Eliminator Pro

This is a product review of the Eliminator Pro by Extreme Outdoor Products. Presented by www.ikesoutdoros.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

Product Review: Extreme Rear Sight

This is a product review on another sight made by Extreme Outdoor Products

Bow Tuning Tips/Extreme Sight

Learn how this new sight can help you Eliminate the problems associated with peep sight, "it eliminates everything except buck fever", see the advantages of this bow sight from bow pro Kenny Parson.

Bow Tuning Tips / Extreme Add-on Rear Sight

So you would like to have an Elimanator Pro but you want to keep your pin setup you already have. Now you can, Extreme Outdoor Products has came up with a rear add-on sight to allow you to do just that. Learn how easy it is to install this sight and sight it in with the original Bow Pro Kenny Parson