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The New Eliminator Pro Elite has everything its predecessor has and more. It is still made of 6061 aluminum and solid steel pins. The sight weighs only 7.2 ounces and comes with graduation marks that make for easy adjustments, but does not take away from the Lost or Realtree camo. It comes in vertical or horizontal pin configurations. I started using this sight last year and had credible results. I was seven for seven last year with this sight. The great thing about this sight is no peep or kisser button…If you can hoot a rifle you can use this sight. I let my friend use it because his peep slipped on him and he didn't have a back-up. He took my bow out the next morning and killed two nice deer using a bow that wasn't even set up for him. That pretty much says it all!

The New Elite sight is the best on the market. If you have eye-dominance problems this is the answer to your prayers. Now you can shoot the bow you currently own and sight it with your dominate eye. They are on sale at Gander Mountain and on their website.

Bud Fields Product Testing

I recently received a product for testing that immediately got my full attention. It is manufactured by Yikes Bowsights. The Yikes Bow Sight is made of 1/8 inch anodized aluminum and has a 90-degree bend to form a tail section that a rear "Y shaped pin mounts on. The rear pin has a Fiber-Optic Dot located directly under the fork in the pin head.

The white-painted face of the pin and the fiber-optic dot gives you fantastic sighting capabilities far exceeding that of a regular peep sight in low light conditions.

This nifty device will increase your accuracy, build your shooting confidence and completely eliminate the need for a "kisser button" and string peep. It will also help eliminate torque. You use the Yikes Bow Sight in conjunction with your regular pin front sight. It Will Not work with a pendulum sight.

You can set up this bow sight without changing your anchor point. Because the rear sight is fastened to the bow riser, the bow-to-target, and the eye-to-bow placement will be the same every shot.

This will make those tough angled shots from a tree stand much easier with no need for a swinging pendulum sight. Installation is very easy. You simply mount the sight between the riser and the front pin sight, put the screws back though the front pin sight and basically squeeze the Yikes Sight between the front pin sight and the bow riser. You should leave about 1 inch to 2 inches between the tail section of the Yikes Sight and the cable or string, whichever is closest. You then simply position the "Y" shaped pin where it is comfortable for you, and your wrist has no torque. To sight-in your bow, sight down the arrow, then rise up and look through the "Y" rear sight and cradle the front sight pin in the "Y".

I added the Yikes Sight to my Mathew Q2XL bow and within five shots, I was stacking arrows in a very tight group at 30 yards. I have used kisser buttons and string peeps for over 35-years but I don't think I will ever use them again. Not since I found the Yikes Sight. I no longer concern myself with head position or worry, about a string peep closing. In early-morning or late-evening low light conditions, this little jewel makes sighting easy. It is almost like sighting down a rifle barrel with a front and rear sight.

Tracy Ledgerwood

The Yikes Bow Sight is a back sight that takes the place of a peep sight. It is mounted to the riser of the bow and set a few inches from the sight pins themselves. It is set level with the pins so that it is aimed much like the sights on a rifle. This idea seems very simple to shoot and that's because it is. This design removes the negative affects of a peep sight and replaces them with a simpler, more precise way of aiming.

I have been shooting a Yikes Bow Sight for almost a year now and my shooting has improved drastically. This sight has just been amazing for me and I raised my 3D average 20 points. It builds confidence that is much needed on the 3D course and in the woods. The only down side of the sight that I have found is that is does take some getting used to, more so for the archer used to shooting a peep sight. It took some practice to make me instinctually put the pin in the notch, but now I don't even think about it, which is what you want in the woods, less to worry about. In short, I have found all of the claims of the sight to be true, it gives the bow hunter less to think about, and it will improve your hunting odds.

Read the full article here: www.womenhunters.com/no-peep-sights-tracy.html

Extreme OP

From Bow Hunter Planet

Eliminator Pro Sight by Extreme Outdoor Products Posted by Ryan Lewis ( iadeerhunter ) on April 5, 2011 at 10:31 PM
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The Eliminator Pro is a 1 piece peepless sight system. With this sight, you will gain a few FPS since you don't need a peep sight or a kisser button, you can shoot earlier & later, and you don't have to worry about a peep not being lined up because your string twisted. It is good for people who have trouble seeing thru a peep sight or a right handed/left eye dominant, or visa versa, person. The design of the Eliminator Pro makes you come back to the same anchor point every time. You will also know if you are torquing your bow because you won't be able to see you pin if you are. The sight comes with a DVD in which the creator of the sight, Mitchell, explains how to set up & sight in the sight. He then walks you thru it step by step on one of his bows. Set up is quick & easy. It's held on with 2 screws that are countersunk so if you ever take it off & put it back on, you will be dead on already. After getting it put on my bow, I took a shot to see where I was. I took a second shot like Mitchell says to do and cut a fletching off of my first arrow!

The way the sight works is there is the sight housing and then on the back of the mounting bracket there is another bracket that has a "Y" pin on it. In the bottom of the "Y" is a semi-circle, or pocket.

You come to full draw, line up your bottom pin in the pocket of the "Y". This is where and how you can tell if you are not at the same anchor point or if you are torquing your bow. If you aren't in the same anchor point or torquing your bow, the pin will not be in the pocket of the rear pin. You leave your bottom pin in the pocket & aim with whichever pin you need. I was concerned about how well I would be able to keep the bottom pin in the pocket & still aim with another pin accurately. I was worried that my accuracy would suffer from that, but Mitchell told me that when I get use to it & know that I am at the same anchor point & not torquing the bow, it would all line up & I would know it was lined up. Then all you have to do is glance down fast to check. I took it out the last weekend of deer season & was sitting in a cold blind. I would draw my bow back about every half-hour to stay loosened up. While I did that, I would close my eyes while drawing back. When I hit full draw and came to my anchor, I would open my eyes. Just like Mitchell said, my bottom pin was sitting right in the pocket every time.

This is also a tuff sight. There is no plastic on the sight. The bracket & front pin housing is 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. The pins are all steel. I took it down to TX for some hog hunting. The terrain was thick brush that we were hunting in on this trip. As we were walking, I had 2 arrows ripped out of my quiver, that's how thick it was. The sight held up great. Nothing wrong with it, not any scratches either.

The Eliminator Pro is also a sight that an opposite eye dominant shooter can use. There is plenty of windage adjustment to both the front & rear sights to move it over for you. I'm not an opposite eye dominant shooter, so I couldn't test that out. there are several sets of mounting holes so you can set it where you want it. It comes with mounting holes for lights on both the front & rear sight pins. I found that the pins were bright even in low light without the use of a light, but the lights help. the mounting bracket has dovetails for a good, secure mount. The front sight has plenty of windage & elevation markings. The sight is a right or left handed bow sight.

It comes in 3, 4, or 5 pin preset vertical pins. I wasn't sure about the preset part, but Mitchell got my bow speed & sent me the sight I needed. If you buy one, just call Mitchell before you do & he will get you the correct sight also. My 1st pin is set at 20 yards and the rest of the pins are accurate at 10 yard increments. There is also an adjustable horizontal sight box. You can change out the sight boxes very easily & accurately to customize the sight for what you're doing- hunting, spots, 3D, etc. It comes in black annodized, Lost Camo, or Real Tree camo.

I was very hesitant about putting this sight on my bow because I like my peep and I have also tried another peepless sight. Installation is quick & easy. After shooting it, I found I was shooting more accurately. I had a clearer sight window & didn't have to worry about not seeing thru my peep because of low light. It is a well made & accurate bow sight. The Eliminator Pro did everything for me that it is advertised to do. It is easy to use once you get use to not having a peep on your string.

Ryan Lewis
BHP Field Staff

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