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Left or Right Handed

Click Here for the Complete Instructional Video for the Eliminator ProThe Extreme Rear Sight eliminates the use of your peep sight. Better yet, your original front sight can still be used and it works with almost any other manufactures sight!* Using this sight when shooting is comparable to shooting that of a .22 rifle. It's that accurate!

Manufactured from 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum with a solid steel pin, it only weights 2.8 oz. The rear part of the sight is the first area you set up. This attaches to your anchor point, ensuring comfort when you look through at full draw. The next step is to bring your front sight over until it lines up with the rear pin. Thats it!

You can obtain instructions by downloading them here. An instructional DVD is included inside the package as well.

*The Extreme Rear Sight will not work with a Movable or Pendulum Sight -- no rear sight will work will a movable sight. This sight will not work on the PSE X Force with a 6" brace height.

The Eliminator Pro is a 1 piece peepless sight system. With this sight, you will gain a few FPS since you don't need a peep sight or a kisser button, you can shoot earlier & later, and you don't have to worry about a peep not being lined up because your string twisted. It is good for people who have trouble seeing thru a peep sight or a right handed/left eye dominant, or visa versa, person.

The design of the Eliminator Pro makes you come back to the same anchor point every time. You will also know if you are torquing your bow because you won't be able to see you pin if you are. The sight comes with a DVD in which the creator of the sight, Mitchell, explains how to set up & sight in the sight. He then walks you thru it step by step on one of his bows. Set up is quick & easy. It's held on with 2 screws that are countersunk so if you ever take it off & put it back on, you will be dead on already. After getting it put on my bow, I took a shot to see where I was. I took a second shot like Mitchell says to do and cut a fletching off of my first arrow!

Ryan Lewis
BHP Field Staff