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The Eliminator Pro is the only sight on the market today where you can take aim, remove and reattach the sight, and still be dead nuts. How? Through precision engineering. To ensure a consistent aim, everytime, regardless of how many times you remove your Eliminator sight, the mounting holes were designed counter-sunk, so that as long as the mounting screws are put back in the same holes, it centers perfectly.


Prevents you from torquing your bow, and provides a dead-nut consistent anchor point! Torque and Anchor Point -- Is there anything more important?


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Extreme Outdoor Products Eliminator Pro Elite & Extreme Rear Sight are made in the USA. These sights are constructed from T-6 aircraft aluminum and medical grade stainless steel pins. The rear pin is bullet proof. For this reason there is no need for a guard around the rear pin. The fiber optics used is 0.29 or 75 mm. The light hole size is a 7/16 X 20. This is a standard size hole. All screws used on the sight frame are standard size also. The front pins are interchangeable which each other. The front box is adapted for any pin configuration we offer.


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Over the past several years we have had some great customers with some great feedback. When we introduce the Eliminator Pro back in 2004, you gave us your input on how we could improve that sight. In 2008 the Eliminator Pro Elite was introduce and because of your input, up grades were made to it. At Extreme Outdoor Products we appreciate our customers and we know if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here today. Once again our customers gave us some great feedback on a couple of changes they would like to see made to the Eliminator Pro Elite Sight.
It is my pleasure as President of EOP Mitchell Schmitz to introduce in my opinion the best Eliminator Pro every made. The new Eliminator Pro Elite Hunter has been redesign because you the customer asked for it. The front box has been redesign to protect the pins and the fiber optics. The pins will be bright and crisp. Your still getting the same quality as you did with the previous models.
The site is made of T6 6061 Aircraft aluminum with Stainless Steel Pins for years of durably no matter what part of the world you're hunting in. The main mounting bracket which attaches to your bow has been beef up around the dove tails to give it extra strength so you don't have to worry about over tighten screws. The Elite Hunter is available in the 3, 4, 5, dot vertical pin configurations and a 3 or 5 pin horizontal just like the Elite. It works for people with eye dominance problems. Now you can shoot your same bow and sight it with your dominate eye. The Elite Hunter will add time to your hunting day, because it allows you to shoot in low light conditions accurately. 

This site forces you to the same anchor point every time you draw your bow back. It's impossible to torque your bow and still get a shot off and it provides you with a precise aiming point just like a rifle. The one unit works for a lefty or righty and comes in a Black Anodize only. Think about it this way. If a peep sight was the absolute best sight on the market, then why doesn't Ruger, Remington, Browning, Smith & Wesson and other companies used them on every weapon they sell? If you got a larger field of view from a round object like, a front site housing then why isn't your TV screen, Computer and vehicle windows round? If you want to improve your accuracy, shoot further and hunt later I encourage you to visit us at Extreme Outdoor Products. For you guys that like your current front sight, we offer the Extreme Rear Sight. It does everything the Elite Hunter does except work for eye dominance. Dealer inquires are welcome. Visit us at www.extremeop.com or call 601-833-5395 for more information on these great products. MADE IN THE USA

























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